We have every one of Terry's books save this one. Can't wait for it to arrive. Terry has developed a mastery in storytelling. You are there. When he discusses being out in the middle of the night, I feel like reading under the blanket with a flashlight. Truly. The easy read is perfection as well as understandable, but have to force myself to put it down as I don't want it to end so quickly. You'll better understand what wardens have to do other than check fishing licenses. Extremely comprehensive. ~ Bill Adelman

"I once had hopes of becoming a game warden, but it wasn't to be. I have learned, however, that reading game warden stories by Terry Hodges is the next best thing. Terry's are the only outdoor books that I read in their entirety. His latest is an extraordinary piece of work." ~ Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Examiner

"Not even in your imagination could you conjure up the intriguing stories in Terry Hodges' latest book. Most people have no idea how dangerous and complex a warden's job is, but they will, when they read this book. It's hard to put down without saying to yourself, One more story, just one more story." ~ Bob Simms, KFBK Radio, Sacramento

"Lieutenant Terry Hodges is to wildlife protectors what Joseph Wambaugh is to big-city cops. ...evocative story-telling" ~ Paul Dean, Los Angeles Times

"...great true stories by this celebrated and very talented California conservation officer and outdoor writer, and they have become required reading for fish and game cops across North America. He portrays game poachers and violators for what they are – thieves who steal fish, fur and game from everyone. This is a great read, and one every law officer and sportsman should read." ~ Dave Richey, Outdoor Writer, The Detroit News

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