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"The entire Warden Force series, is a testament to the dedicated, hard working game wardens not only in California but across the nation. Most people never see these men and women not ever even consider them. But they put their lives on the line every day to protect and preserve our natural resources. The "Warden Force" books are well written and highly entertaining. If you enjoy true adventures, humor, and the outdoors you will certainly enjoy these books." ~ Ron

"Terry Hodges, has received national and state writing awards. Having read this book, I can certainly understand why. He is definitely a gifted and talented writer and story teller. If you enjoy reading about the outdoors, wildlife or law enforcement, this book and probably the whole series should be at the top of your must read list. Well done Terry Hodges! I would give this book 10 stars if Amazon would let me." ~ William McPeck

"This is a great collection of stories. As an avid outdoorsman, I enjoy reading these as they are relatable to anyone that enjoys hunting and/or fishing. Each story gives enough detail so that you don't feel like something is missing but not so much that it becomes tiresome and drawn out. The length of each story seems to be just right for people like myself (kids, full time job, weekend warrior) who are busy, yet love to read engaging stories." ~ Michael Shaffer

"Hodges is a gifted writer able to let you imagine you are right there imagining the workings of California’s game wardens. I have read most of his books and thoroughly enjoy his writing. He is able to capture factual events mixed with creativity to describe events in a manner that puts you there. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors will appreciate this book." ~ John Johnson

"I’m not a hunter, hiker, or a fisherman. I’m a life-long city kid, but I’m hooked. I love the underlying simplicity of identifiable good guys and bad guys, but what really hooked me is the author’s ability to make me feel like I’m in the middle of situations I never even nearly experienced. I find myself wondering with the game wardens over how to set a trap for the bad guys and then eagerly reading the ensuing action, sharing the anticipation of success. Many of the stories end with an unanticipated twist, always resulting in a smile of satisfaction. Can’t beat these stories for easy reading, education, suspense, and enjoyment." ~ Amazon Reviewer

"Just when you think that something more bizarre can't occur, the next story doesn't disappoint with another amazing tale of wildlife law enforcement escapades." ~ Kent

We have every one of Terry's books save this one. Can't wait for it to arrive. Terry has developed a mastery in storytelling. You are there. When he discusses being out in the middle of the night, I feel like reading under the blanket with a flashlight. Truly. The easy read is perfection as well as understandable, but have to force myself to put it down as I don't want it to end so quickly. You'll better understand what wardens have to do other than check fishing licenses." ~ Bill Adelman

"I always look for the "surprise" in a book that makes it great. Terry Hodges understands how to use surprise as an element of a good story and getting to wisdom. The Preface points out three surprises often drawn from Hodges' game warden accounts: "California has more natural diversity of wildlife and wildlife habitat than any other State"--and many of its own citizens do not yet realize that this is a rural State; it is not mainly urban. And some of the most depraved crimes are committed in the rural areas-- it is not our urban centers which are the "high crime" areas.

A second misconception which covers a surprise is that game wardens and conservation officers "are at greater risk of being assaulted and killed in the line of duty" than almost any other profession. Whatever else we think of the predators and abusers among us, this book documents the fact that we also harbor and pay great heroes who protect our most precious assets.

This book includes documentation of one wildlife crime from which our communities have not recovered -- the infamous destruction of a pristine wetland known as Tipper Slough. This area was one of the last remaining riparian habitats, 95% of which have already been destroyed. Tipper Slough remains obliterated, in spite of laws, agreements, and commitments from developers. At least the Warden on the job was able to obtain a signed arrest warrant, and executed it on the wealthy developer, "the mass-murderer of wildlife".

These stories enable us to stand beside our heroes who protect our habitats. Our heroes still exist. We join in appreciating them and for doing what they do--combatting the high crimes against Nature committed by some very ignorant, depraved, and well-armed human beings. Our wardens are heroes. Readers can join those who have received, and will receive, California's highest honor, the Medal of Valor. ~ Tom Key

"I once had hopes of becoming a game warden, but it wasn't to be. I have learned, however, that reading game warden stories by Terry Hodges is the next best thing. Terry's are the only outdoor books that I read in their entirety. His latest is an extraordinary piece of work." ~ Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Examiner

"Not even in your imagination could you conjure up the intriguing stories in Terry Hodges' latest book. Most people have no idea how dangerous and complex a warden's job is, but they will, when they read this book. It's hard to put down without saying to yourself, One more story, just one more story." ~ Bob Simms, KFBK Radio, Sacramento

"Lieutenant Terry Hodges is to wildlife protectors what Joseph Wambaugh is to big-city cops. ...evocative story-telling" ~ Paul Dean, Los Angeles Times

"...great true stories by this celebrated and very talented California conservation officer and outdoor writer, and they have become required reading for fish and game cops across North America. He portrays game poachers and violators for what they are – thieves who steal fish, fur and game from everyone. This is a great read, and one every law officer and sportsman should read." ~ Dave Richey, Outdoor Writer, The Detroit News

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