The Worst of the Worst

(Warden Force Season 9)

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Not Bad for a Fish Cop: A lone warden, during two consecutive nights, outsmarts two criminals and makes two unrelated felony arrests. 

Fuzz-Face, Snake Eyes and Fu Manchu: The unscrupulous camp host of a high-mountain campground employs three bow-hunting criminals to take out a camp-raiding dumpster bear.

Repeat Offenders: An aging warden recounts his long history of capturing the same salmon and deer poachers time after time. 

Swift Justice: Fleeing salmon poachers run afoul of poisonous plants and relentless wardens. 

The Worst of the Worst: Determined wardens spend months bringing down a band of smart, super-wary, deer poachers, among the worst in California history. 

Masters of Deception: A husband and wife poaching team prove to be unskilled game-law violators and even worse liars.

Trouble in Hog Heaven: The cruel and unscrupulous operators of a big-money pig-hunting club are targeted by determined wardens.

The Cycle: Wardens outsmart a well-organized team of abalone poachers. 

The Caviar Connection: A team of undercover wardens stalk a ring of sturgeon-poaching caviar dealers. 

The Old Pro:  A crafty old warden, a master of his trade, dazzles a much younger warden by outsmarting and capturing two hardened deer poachers. 

**Zero Choice: **A lone warden, nearly gunned down by a fugitive dope grower, reassesses his approach to his hazardous occupation. 

Death on Snake Mountain: A warden performs a nerve-jangling search of a mountain home said to contain dozens of free-roaming rattlesnakes and a two-week-dead human body. 

Confession: A young warden nearly kills a man and keeps a secret for over 30 years. 

Heartless Bastard: A warden comes out second best when he tangles with a man with no legs.

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