Deadly Intent

(Warden Force Season 7)

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Skin-Head Fred - Wardens tangle with a murderous, meth-cooking, game-killing, Neo Nazi.

Spreaders - Wardens target a highly intelligent, super-wary commercial lobster pirate.

Deadly Intent - An alert warden stays alive and saves a life.

The Poor Eyesight Of Love - The arrest of a man and wife poaching team reminds wardens that love can indeed be blind.

Ruthless - Crossbow-wielding, night-hunting outlaws face sly wardens who never give up.

Ghost Of The Feather - Salmon poachers on the Feather River mix it up with an old pro warden.

Abalone Boy - An abalone-poaching commercial sea urchin diver earns his way into state prison.

Anything But Cheap - A tough young warden targets ruthless, bear-killing houndsmen.

Knock-And-Talks - A highly experienced, slick-talking warden outsmarts goose and deer poachers.

Woody Peckerwood - A dumb crook story in which the dumb crook steals the wrong man’s boots.

Kegger - Wardens break up a midnight keg party, and a gutsy college student becomes an instant legend.

The Troubling Case Of Walter Sumpter - A highly troubled teenager commits a terrifying crime with ominous implications.

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