Ordeal at Skull Canyon

(Warden Force Season 6)

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Scum of the Delta - A lone warden faces three armed and dangerous outlaws at night on a lonely Delta island.

Night of the Beach Walkers - Wardens set a trap for renegade abalone pickers on an Island off the California coast.

The High Cost of Greed - A massive overlimit of snow geese equals bad news for greedy poachers.

The Best Medicine - A young boy provides a cure for racial tension.

Ordeal at Skull Canyon - A dark night and a mistake on an offshore island nearly proves fatal for a young warden.

Hoffman’s Lucky Shot - A lucky break spares the evil life of a dangerous poacher.

Moseley’s Reward - A well timed tip sets wardens on the trail of outlaw mountain lion trappers.

Herpie and the Snake Lady - Wardens raid an absolute house of horrors and target lawless reptile dealers.

Road Hunter - A road-hunting pheasant poacher leads a clever warden to pull off the most spectacular arrest of his career.

Harold’s Toughest Race - A tough, marathon-running warden amazes everyone by running down an escaping would-be rapist.

Fatal Flaw - One dark mountain night, a lone warden, at great personal risk, bluffs a lawless band of brush-cutters to arrest a deer poacher and a wanted felon.

Tuffy’s Sweet Moment - An epic foot chase ends in near death for a fleeing violator.

An Ending of Sorts - A warden-turned-writer, one winter’s evening, reflects on his career and that of his long-dead mentor

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