Delta Ambush

(Warden Force Season 5)

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Uncatchable Chick Feathers - A clever deer-poaching archer, widely considered to be too smart to catch, meets an old-time game warden who disagrees.

Incident at Killer Cove - Armed killers on the run tangle with game wardens on the prowl.

Sooner or Later - An outlaw falconer outsmarts a new and inexperienced game warden. A year later, he’s not so lucky.

Otter Killers and Uncommon Luck - Wardens pursue sea-otter-killing commercial abalone divers.

Leo’s Demise - One man dies before wardens deal with an African lion, a grown pet gone rogue, in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Tough Customers - A game warden and a hostage-taking armed robber nearly destroy a drugstore.

Bug Pirates - Trap-raiding lobster thieves meet with misfortune.

Setliners - Wardens target long-line catfish poachers.

A Matter of Preference - Wardens attempting to ambush season-jumping commercial lobster fishermen get a big surprise.

Delta Ambush - Night-prowling, canoe-borne wardens stalk a wily and destructive Delta outlaw.

Rake Man - A well disguised warden outsmarts lawless abalone pickers.

The Honest to God Truth - An honest mistake and a white-knuckle, midnight vehicle tail through Long Beach yields a surprise and an important arrest.

Raid of the Stockton Airborne - Did they or didn’t they? Wardens from the sky? A day for mass-killing duck poachers does not end well.

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