Grim Witness

(Warden Force Season 2)

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A Matter of Little Choice: Wardens hunt down an exceptionally large and highly dangerous wounded mountain lion.

The Meaning of Pursuit: Fleeing felons and a wild, white-knuckle ride for a reserve game warden.

Gambler’s Luck: A big-rig load of alfalfa holds a surprise hidden in a chamber among the bales.

The Departure of Bully’s Luck: A cruel bully gets what he deserves.

Pollard on the Rock: An alert clerk at a one-hour photo shop sends wardens in search of outlaw houndsmen.

Fools and Small Victories: A warden targets a particularly destructive brand of violator.

Renegades: Wardens target a destructive pair of elk poachers.

Bear Crazy: A warden investigates the poaching of an exceptionally huge bear, killed with a broad head arrow at a garbage dump.

A Message Delivered: Wardens hunt down antler thieves.

Sting: Wardens close in in a band of abalone poachers.

Cave Man: California wardens tangle with a wild-looking, hairy, commercial crab fisherman from Oregon.

Skinny Bob: California wardens go undercover to capture commercial reptile rustlers.

Grim Witness: Dangerous pot-growing poachers use pipe bombs to kill king salmon.

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