Night Rider

(Warden Force Season 1)

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The Midnight Ride of Bonnie and Clyde: Wardens tangle with a murderous mother-and-son poaching team.

Night Rider: A California warden pursues highly dangerous night-poachers of wild pigs.

Decisions: Wardens off the coast of Southern California's Catalina Island risk their lives to save the crew of a sinking commercial squid-fishing boat.

A Second Second Chance: A California game warden ambushes outlaw catfish fishermen using baby swallows for bait.

The Collectors: California wardens take on a nest of Nazi-worshiping, weapons-collecting, deer poaching outlaws.

Nothin’ Personal: California wardens track down a thief who steals the head and antlers of another hunter's buck.

Bottom Feeders: California wardens go after a band of White-trash, sturgeon-poaching, hillbillies with attitudes.

An Outing with Team Taylor: A California game warden and his family, on a short vacation, team up to capture antelope, bear and steelhead poachers.

Rookie: A rookie California game warden gets his first taste of his hazardous new career.

Grand Trickery: A California warden employs a magnificent bluff to catch outlaws night-poaching deer.

Tough Luck on the Little Sur: California wardens pursue gaunch-hook steelhead poachers.

Serial Poacher: Wardens pursue a disturbing and dangerous lone-wolf deer poacher.

The Vision: A boy's fondest dream comes true.

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