Game Warden Adventures

Terry Hodges

Author Terry Hodges is a Retired Fish and Game Patrol Lieutenant. For most of his 30-year career, he supervised the wardens in two Northern California counties. Unlike most warden supervisors, he was a field man, leading his wardens from the front, doing hard-core warden work until the day he retired. He was also a pilot and spent hundreds of hours flying single-engine planes, mostly at night, directing his wardens to violators he spotted from the air.

As a vastly experienced, 30-year veteran game warden, Terry writes with a special understanding of his colorful and often dangerous profession. The stories compiled in his books are considered by many to be the best of their kind, and readers come away with a vivid picture of what the lives of game wardens and conservation officers are really like.

These stories, all true, take place in California, which has more natural diversity of wildlife and wildlife habitat than any other state and is second only to Alaska in its vast expanses of wilderness.

Terry has received national writing awards and was three times chosen Writer of the Year by the Outdoor Writers Association of California (OWAC). In addition to his seven books, he has been a regular contributor to the Department of Fish and Game's magazine, OUTDOOR CALIFORNIA. He served four years in the U.S. Coast Guard and received his Bachelor of Science degree from California State University at Sacramento.

In 2006, he was inducted into the California Outdoor Hall of Fame.