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Warden Force is a collection of award winning short stories spanning six titles, with more to come. Each story reveals the true adventures of California Fish and Game Wardens and the wildlife-destroying outlaws they pursue. These stories illustrate the wide variety of wildlife-related problems wardens face in California, which has a greater diversity of wildlife and wildlife habitat than any other state and is second only to Alaska in its vast expanses of wilderness.

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Night Rider

(Warden Force Season 1)

The Midnight Ride of Bonnie and Clyde: Wardens tangle with a murderous mother-and-son poaching team.

Night Rider: A California warden pursues highly dangerous night-poachers of wild pigs.

Decisions: Wardens off the coast of Southern California's Catalina Island risk their lives to save the crew of a sinking commercial squid-fishing boat.

A Second Second Chance: A California game warden ambushes outlaw catfish fishermen using baby swallows for bait.

The Collectors: California wardens take on a nest of Nazi-worshiping, weapons-collecting, deer poaching outlaws.

Nothin’ Personal: California wardens track down a thief who steals the head and antlers of another hunter's buck.

Bottom Feeders: California wardens go after a band of White-trash, sturgeon-poaching, hillbillies with attitudes.

An Outing with Team Taylor: A California game warden and his family, on a short vacation, team up to capture antelope, bear and steelhead poachers.

Rookie: A rookie California game warden gets his first taste of his hazardous new career.

Grand Trickery: A California warden employs a magnificent bluff to catch outlaws night-poaching deer.

Tough Luck on the Little Sur: California wardens pursue gaunch-hook steelhead poachers.

Serial Poacher: Wardens pursue a disturbing and dangerous lone-wolf deer poacher.

The Vision: A boy's fondest dream comes true.

Grim Witness

(Warden Force Season 2)

A Matter of Little Choice: Wardens hunt down an exceptionally large and highly dangerous wounded mountain lion.

The Meaning of Pursuit: Fleeing felons and a wild, white-knuckle ride for a reserve game warden.

Gambler’s Luck: A big-rig load of alfalfa holds a surprise hidden in a chamber among the bales.

The Departure of Bully’s Luck: A cruel bully gets what he deserves.

Pollard on the Rock: An alert clerk at a one-hour photo shop sends wardens in search of outlaw houndsmen.

Fools and Small Victories: A warden targets a particularly destructive brand of violator.

Renegades: Wardens target a destructive pair of elk poachers.

Bear Crazy: A warden investigates the poaching of an exceptionally huge bear, killed with a broad head arrow at a garbage dump.

A Message Delivered: Wardens hunt down antler thieves.

Sting: Wardens close in in a band of abalone poachers.

Cave Man: California wardens tangle with a wild-looking, hairy, commercial crab fisherman from Oregon.

Skinny Bob: California wardens go undercover to capture commercial reptile rustlers.

Grim Witness: Dangerous pot-growing poachers use pipe bombs to kill king salmon.

Delta Ghosts

(Warden Force Season 3)

Delta Ghosts - A team of wardens ambush outlaw gillnetters at Grizzly Bay, in the same Delta waters patrolled 80 years earlier by Fish Patrol Warden and famous writer, Taylor London .

Smooth Operator - Wardens stalk a cagy and arrogant abalone-poaching commercial sea urchin diver.

Time Bomb - A dangerous and mentally unstable deer poacher proves highly troubling for pursuing wardens.

Cheaters - An inexperienced warden consults an old pro of his profession to capture a pair of super-wary striped bass snaggers.

Tigers Revenge - A cocky and confident salmon poacher makes the mistake of “pulling the tail of the tiger,” that is, taunting a local game warden.

A Calculated Risk - Despite a comedy of errors, wardens close in on highly destructive pig poachers.

Killer John - Future serial killer? Wardens deal with a scary deer poacher and born killer.

New Talent - A new warden astounds a mentor with his almost super-human sensory skills.

Slow Learners - A once major league pitcher proves to be a highly interesting adversary for wardens.

Davie Crockett and the Bush Baby - A Hollywood stunt man and elk poacher tangles with border wardens.

Then Came Speedy - A Peruvian sheepherder and a small sheepdog pay dearly to save their sheep from marauding bears in high meadows of the Sierra Nevada range.

Lethal Intent - Would-be assassins are thwarted by a fearless warden who puts his life on the line for the intended victims.

Cold, Cold Hearts

(Warden Force Season 4)

Trash Can Joe - Wardens pursue an infamous, outlaw hunting-guide who uses donuts to illegally bait bears. Meet “The Black Robinhood.”

Callous Hearts - A rogue band of meth-cooking deer poachers meets with misfortune.

Rascal’s Road to Justice - “The world’s greatest duck caller,” as a renowned waterfowl violator bills himself, crows that he’s too smart to be caught. His education to the contrary soon follows.

True Remorse - One of the coldest of the cold, cold hearts, pays a heavy price for extreme cruelty to a trapped bear.

Turkeys - The wardens meet a hardened criminal whose hobbies are turkey hunting and home-invasion robberies.

A Weekend with “Starsky and Hutch.” - A swashbuckling pair of wardens cram a fourth-story, roof-to-roof foot chase in old San Francisco and heroic rescues from burning buildings into a single, memorable weekend.

The Natural - A young woman proves that she was born to be a Fish and Game warden.

Dirty Harry and Ape Island - A warden thinks his way out of a jam in this story that features a good-humored Highway Patrol sergeant and an ill-humored monkey.

Lucky Breaks - A warden demonstrates his substantial tracking skills to put away an outlaw houndsman who traffics in bear gallbladders.

Lobster Jake - An infamous lobster pirate teams with “The Muppet,” a character straight out of a nightmare.

Cold, Cold Hearts - A California warden, at great risk to himself, flies to Alaska to help state troopers there deal with a team of highly dangerous, cruel and destructive grizzly poachers.

Delta Ambush

(Warden Force Season 5)

Uncatchable Chick Feathers - A clever deer-poaching archer, widely considered to be too smart to catch, meets an old-time game warden who disagrees.

Incident at Killer Cove - Armed killers on the run tangle with game wardens on the prowl.

Sooner or Later - An outlaw falconer outsmarts a new and inexperienced game warden. A year later, he’s not so lucky.

Otter Killers and Uncommon Luck - Wardens pursue sea-otter-killing commercial abalone divers.

Leo’s Demise - One man dies before wardens deal with an African lion, a grown pet gone rogue, in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Tough Customers - A game warden and a hostage-taking armed robber nearly destroy a drugstore.

Bug Pirates - Trap-raiding lobster thieves meet with misfortune.

Setliners - Wardens target long-line catfish poachers.

A Matter of Preference - Wardens attempting to ambush season-jumping commercial lobster fishermen get a big surprise.

Delta Ambush - Night-prowling, canoe-borne wardens stalk a wily and destructive Delta outlaw.

Rake Man - A well disguised warden outsmarts lawless abalone pickers.

The Honest to God Truth - An honest mistake and a white-knuckle, midnight vehicle tail through Long Beach yields a surprise and an important arrest.

Raid of the Stockton Airborne - Did they or didn’t they? Wardens from the sky? A day for mass-killing duck poachers does not end well.

Ordeal at Skull Canyon

(Warden Force Season 6)

Scum of the Delta - A lone warden faces three armed and dangerous outlaws at night on a lonely Delta island.

Night of the Beach Walkers - Wardens set a trap for renegade abalone pickers on an Island off the California coast.

The High Cost of Greed - A massive overlimit of snow geese equals bad news for greedy poachers.

The Best Medicine - A young boy provides a cure for racial tension.

Ordeal at Skull Canyon - A dark night and a mistake on an offshore island nearly proves fatal for a young warden.

Hoffman’s Lucky Shot - A lucky break spares the evil life of a dangerous poacher.

Moseley’s Reward - A well timed tip sets wardens on the trail of outlaw mountain lion trappers.

Herpie and the Snake Lady - Wardens raid an absolute house of horrors and target lawless reptile dealers.

Road Hunter - A road-hunting pheasant poacher leads a clever warden to pull off the most spectacular arrest of his career.

Harold’s Toughest Race - A tough, marathon-running warden amazes everyone by running down an escaping would-be rapist.

Fatal Flaw - One dark mountain night, a lone warden, at great personal risk, bluffs a lawless band of brush-cutters to arrest a deer poacher and a wanted felon.

Tuffy’s Sweet Moment - An epic foot chase ends in near death for a fleeing violator.

An Ending of Sorts - A warden-turned-writer, one winter’s evening, reflects on his career and that of his long-dead mentor

Deadly Intent

(Warden Force Season 7)

Skin-Head Fred - Wardens tangle with a murderous, meth-cooking, game-killing, Neo Nazi.

Spreaders - Wardens target a highly intelligent, super-wary commercial lobster pirate.

Deadly Intent - An alert warden stays alive and saves a life.

The Poor Eyesight Of Love - The arrest of a man and wife poaching team reminds wardens that love can indeed be blind.

Ruthless - Crossbow-wielding, night-hunting outlaws face sly wardens who never give up.

Ghost Of The Feather - Salmon poachers on the Feather River mix it up with an old pro warden.

Abalone Boy - An abalone-poaching commercial sea urchin diver earns his way into state prison.

Anything But Cheap - A tough young warden targets ruthless, bear-killing houndsmen.

Knock-And-Talks - A highly experienced, slick-talking warden outsmarts goose and deer poachers.

Woody Peckerwood - A dumb crook story in which the dumb crook steals the wrong man’s boots.

Kegger - Wardens break up a midnight keg party, and a gutsy college student becomes an instant legend.

The Troubling Case Of Walter Sumpter - A highly troubled teenager commits a terrifying crime with ominous implications.